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Monday, August 16, 2004

I'm so angry.

I just had a beautiful, descriptive, interesting (for once) post typed out and somehow I deleted the entire thing. Mind if I scream? YYAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!

That's better. I'll continue in abbreviated form, I suppose. As much as I'd like to sit here typing overanalyzed, meaningless bits of information, I really can't spend all day in front of this blog.

I started this post b/c I wanted to plug my new article on AAJ. As mentioned in my previous entry, I signed up as a contributor the other day and over the weekend I revised a piece I wrote on the Iowa City Jazz Festival (previously published in the Jazzscope newsletter). Got a message today from the administrator that it had been accepted and is now available for viewing on the site. Take a look if you are so inclined, dear readers.

I'll post more here later describing the worthy upcoming events o' the week--it's gonna be a busy one--but for now I really need to get some actual work done. I have a profile article to piece together and I have to track down some testimonial providers for a publicity package I'm putting together. Sometime this week I also need to get with Band-in-a-Box and start getting inside Sam Crain's original tune, Trail of Suds. He's asked me to play that song, as a guest, with him on his current recording project. Have I mentioned that I'm probably the most wimpy musician on Earth since I love performing in public but am terribly frightened of having myself captured, forever, flaws and all, on CD? But I'm honored that he's asked me to do this and I want to make sure I do the tune justice. It's a great up-tempo bossa nova tune of sorts and it's a lot of fun to play.

So, I'll be back with a complete schedule of events for the week. Oh, and Doug...thanks for admitting to reading this thing, and drop me a comment sometime! :-)


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