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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Rain. Rain. Go away.

Actually, even though it's rained many of the last several days I'm not too broken up about it. My grass is turning green again. Ya!

Speaking of rain, the Swing Daddies gig was cancelled last Thursday due to the weather. I guess it actually ended up being pretty nice later that night, but about 2 hours before we were supposed to start all sorts of bad weather reports were going around. So, sorry about that, those of you who came out/wanted to come out but didn't because of the rain. Might be a make-up date in September, but we're not sure yet.

It's really great that the Peoria Park District, WGLT, Central IL Jazz Society, and CEFCU are sponsoring live music again this summer. The venue is awesome. It's free, families can enjoy it, and the weather has been, for the most part, excellent. It's a perfect way to spend an evening if you like live music. Let's hope the sponsorship continues next summer.

The gig schedule is minimal this weekend, but I do have a couple of dates:

Thursday, August 26 @ Panache
with Kevin (piano) and Mike Nellas (bass)
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Friday, August 27 @ The Hotel Pere Marquette
with the Fulton Street Gang
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

I should mention that the gigs I post here are for public performances only. Don't want anyone crashing wedding receptions or anniversary parties, or the like. Not that you guys would even consider that....

Lightening is picking up again and I'd better skee-daddle before it knocks out my computer!


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